It’s time for the next stage of P2P: Operational Excellence, Efficiency Improvement and Value Creation

10 fresh case studies demonstrating an average 40% efficiency improvement

As organizations seek to further streamline the Procure to Payment process, procurement leaders are being tasked to improve spend control and visibility, reduce processing costs and optimize working capital of the P2P process. In the meantime, investment required for P2P transformation, standardization and automation is being heavily scrutinized.

The 13th Annual P2P Transformation Summit Asia will bring to you distinguished speakers and their best practices, so that you can explore benchmarking cases at different development stages, where P2P automation and cost-cutting have been successfully achieved. You’ll bring back powerful evidence of return on investment, specific steps for P2P transformation journey and strategies and solutions to tackle challenges at each stage. Join your peers in this summit to ensure you have a strong business case to achieve operational excellence and efficiency improvement for your organization.

6 Reasons to attend 13th Annual P2P Transformation Asia


Engage with and learn from 20 expert speakers who are experienced decision makers along P2P transformation cycle


Network with 80 procurement and financial leaders across different industries


Explore cutting-edge tools and technologies to significantly improve your business efficiency


Take away practical lessons from the case studies of proven best practices by leading speakers


Dive deeper into the interactive formats including Q&A, panel discussions, roundtable discussions and networking sessions to maximize the opportunity of discussion and answers to your personal challenges


Enjoy workshops and site tours for in-depth and hands-on learning


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